God, what is heaven like? Can you tell me?

Of course! My Heavens are multiple and you can say they are like your five or seven star hotels.

What? I always thought that the Heavens are a place of enjoyment and happiness.

True, they Surely are. Imagine staying in the poshest of my resorts.

Does that mean, we all get our own rooms with jacuzzi and pool, etc??

Yes, you will Surely get your own. I also throw in the massages and gyms too.

It means there Surely is a place to look forward to in my life after.

But there is a catch!

Now comes the rules and regulations. You always seem to come up with your commandments. Why can’t we just enjoy?

The rules are pretty simple. You first need a token to get entry, which are your good deeds.

There is a criteria for entry too. So there must be an eligibility for the types of services and stay too.

Yes, of course! Just as every ride in the fair has to be paid for, so also you have to get credits for entries in Heavens.

It’s like the currency for getting those benefits. Which clearly tells me that nothing is free even in the Heavens.

Why should anything be free? You have to pay for everything everywhere. Your good and bad deeds get paid for. Isn’t that a good reason for you to live a righteous life?

Once my Credit finishes what happens to me? Can I buy more credit?

You get recycled and get a new body to go and earn more Credit or debits.

Can I not stay there a bit longer? Isn’t there any way for me to stay forever?

No, you have to get recycled once your credits are over. But there is always a way out. You have to become my employee.

You mean, I will be working for you then? Do I get to stay with you and enjoy the same benefits like before?

No way! Just like an employee of the resort or hotel has his own house and lives on his own income, you too will come under HR department there. They have their own rules and regulations.

What might be those, may I know?

Sure! You cannot use any guest facilities or mix around with them. You are like any other item in the spa or gym. The guests are allowed to use them and discard them once they have finished using.

That’s terrible. I become just another piece of furniture or stuff to use and throw. Why should I become some idiot’s servant, butler or an escort? I think I would rather go back.

Which is what most of them do. No one likes to stay put in the Heavens.

Tell me, do we have to go to the same heaven every time we die? Isn’t there a better place than these heavens?

Surely there is. It’s called enlightenment or freedom from rebirths.

What is that supposed to mean? No coming and going back from both the places? Heaven and earth?

Yes. You get dissolved in the nothingness and don’t get to become anything at all.

I would rather go there then. Are there any criteria there too? Rules?

Yes! There are a whole load of forms to fill, things to do, get fit and so on.

After listening to you, I guess, I am better off where I am. I don’t care for anything at all. I am sorry I asked you the question about Heavens.

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