Some people have serious bad luck or evil spirits behind them : if you quarrel with them, their bad luck and evil spirits can affect you too.

Since I learnt this from reading a very useful book on Demonology and Demon possession, I decided to be very careful whom I respond to or quarrel with.

Sadly, there are people with evil spirits behind them and these spirits are responsible for the bad luck that dogs their steps. Once somebody allows himself to be possessed by certain demons through careless living, adultery and fornication , dabbling in juju, the occult and demonic things or engaging in certain tribal rituals , that person is no longer himself. Demons can also enter through anger, unforgiveness and too much plaba-plaba.

If you quarrel with such persons, their demons can transfer to you. They can also transfer through sex. During sex, people exchange not only body fluids. You and the person exchange spirits and you become one in spirit. It is an easy way for demons to enter somebody . 1 Corinthians 6: 16 warns that if somebody goes with a prostitute, he becomes one in spirit with that prostitute. This does not refer only to those on the street. Even women of ill-repute. Any person.

Some of the hard lines, hard times and bad luck people suffer from stem from these demon spirits. That is why at times people pray and pray and see nothing. They have to be delivered first. Thus, deliverance Ministries are very important. This shows that my last post was not an attack on prophets and deliverance ministers. It was rather an attack on people who go to church and leave their pastors and run all over the place looking for holy oil, holy water, extraordinary revelations and prayers. All these things are not bad by themselves but when it is the only reason you go to church and refuse to cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, then you are treating pastors as if they are Morray men..

Be very careful therefore whom you become one in spirit with. At times, engaging somebody in Mammy cuss and other cuss- cuss activities open you up to demonic attacks and demon possession.

“Making Sarrah ” and going to the graveyard to pray to the dead is another way that demons enter people. In Leviticus 17: 7, God forbade Israel from offering sacrifices to these spirits.

In 2 Chronicles 11, Rehoboam brought God’s judgement on himself and his people by appointing priests to sacrifice to goat and calf idols.

If you do not believe that there are demons and evil spirits that influence and affect human life, study the gospels and read about Jesus Christ’s ministry. You will find out that throughout his ministry, he was casting out demons and spirits from people. Luke 4: 33 speaks of a man who had an unclean demon. Some of these demons are the ones controlling sexual perverts, sexual molesters and rapists.

CONCLUSION : Beware whom you unite your spirit with because demons, evil spirits and bad luck can enter you through them.

But God provided a way. Jesus Christ can deliver you from demon possession.